HYCARE MEDICAL., a French company specialised in hospital sanitary furniture’s offer a full range of equipment’s to fight against germicidal and virucidal hospital infections.

HYCARE MEDICAL provides hygiene materials installed in the operating rooms, care services and general services:

Aseptic Scrub up sink including a bacteriological water treatment through UV lights or micro filtration or without treatment. Made in armed polyester, stainless steel or solid surface they are installed in operating rooms or risky services as intensive care units, burn units or endoscopy rooms. MAXISCRUB TM, MINISCRUB TM, MICROSCRUB TM
Bed pan washers Stainless steel automated bed pan washer for bed pan, tanks and urinals cleaning and disinfection
Drain units, slope hopper Devices made in polyester or stainless steel for manual cleaning and disinfection of bed pan, tanks and urinals
Air aseptisizers Installed in the operating room or intensive care units, they allow to ensure a good bacteriological quality of brewed air. Fixed or mobile units with ultraviolet treatment Mobile units for treatment by filtration.
Aerial surface decontamination Fogger equipment for bactericidal treatment of all the surfaces in operating room and intensive care rooms
Sterile storage cabinets Installed in clean storage areas they allow the storage of disinfected instruments in optimum asepsis conditions.