Aerial surface disinfection system

BIOFOG 200 is a fogger machine. It allows the aerial surface disinfection* through the issuance of a dry fog and ultra-thin. All surfaces in contact with the air are so processed without human intervention.

The tank is made of polished stainless steel (autoclavable) 5 L capacity. This large tank capacity allows the processing of rooms whose volume may reach up to 400 m3
The accurate dosage of disinfectant ensures maximum optimization of product consumption.
The BIOFOG 200 unit is mounted on a rotating base allowing the diffusion of aerosol in a radius of 360 ° without any manipulation
A scheduler allows to set the time of distribution of the aerosol
Bactericidal treatment, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal of surfaces

  • Hospitals: operating room, intensive care room, sterilization room
  • Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories: microbiology, solutions manufacturing.



Alimentation / Power supply

220/230V AC 50 or 60Hz

Aérosol / Aerosol

Sub micronique / Submicron size

Distances de propulsion / Spread & reach

Distance 15,25m / hauteur 7,60m

Traitement de 100m2 / Treatment of 100 sq feet area

400 ml disinfectant solution

Reservoir / Solution tank

5 litres stainless steel Gr 304

Filtres à air / Intake air filter

2 layers for dust and fog separation

Volume d’air traité / Space treatment

425 m3